HTML Challenge 4

There are 3 types of lists:

definition lists
which show terms and conditions
unordered lists
which show bullets
ordered lists
which show numbers or letters

Above is an example of definition list.

Unordered lists can have a type attribute
which can be applied to UL or LI tag
The three types allowed are:

  • type = "square"
  • type = "disc"
  • type = "circle"

Ordered lists can have a type attribute too.
Used along with a start attribute they can show:

  1. lower case letters
  2. upper case letters
  3. lower case roman numerals
  4. upper case roman numerals
  5. numbers

The Great American Novel

  1. Introduction
    1. Boy’s childhood
    2. Girl’s childhood
  2. Development
    1. Boy meets Girl
    2. Boy and Girl fall in love
    3. Boy and Girl have fight
  3. Climax
    1. Boy gives Girl ultimatum
      1. Girl can’t believe her ears
      2. Boy is indignant at Girl’s indignance
    2. Girl tells Boy to get lost
  4. Denoument
  5. Epilogue

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