About Harris Daniel Ingram

Harris has a varied and eclectic education history.  He spent most of his childhood in the US going through various schools as his family moved around due to his father’s position in the US Airforce.  Harris moved to Sydney Australia with his family in 1998 where he finished his last three years of high-school.

“I built my first website in January of 1998. It probably would break at least a dozen different industry standard conventions these days but I liked the way the frames worked with the little jumping kangaroo in the corner.”

He is programmer and web developer. His current languages include the .Net framework as well as Java, JavaScript, PHP, SQL along with rough familiarity in a dozen other standard IT languages.

“My first introduction to programming was with my grandfather when I was about 7 years old. He showed me his work with a random lotto ticket printer and then he helped me with making a tic-tac-toe program using Basic.”

Harris started developing his first real computer applications in 1998 using Visual Basic 6 while in year 10. He completed 3 unit Computing HSC in Year 11 with top marks.

“I remember starting with an over ambitious project trying to build a digital Monopoly game, unfortunately I started to run into some memory lag issues from having to many images and instead built an interactive tutorial system for the final project.”

In 2001 he began building applications using Java at a time it was still in its earlier stages while working on a degree.

“I still tell stories about working on a team project where we were building a simple shortest route planning type of program… I think there was an ambulance that was moving around an imaginary city map. There were some members who were not pulling there weight and I had to spend the day before our project was do pulling together the missing modules so we could have a working prototype.”

There were a few client projects in 2002 -2003 some graphic design and some web pages.

“The party hire shop website I developed at the request of a friend I was in contact with online was a very interesting exercise in remote client management. Particularly when I had to convince them that using the annoying little animated gif that they were insisting on was a mistake. I have no idea where they pulled it from but I am pretty sure it was not theirs and I was not entirely sure of its relevance…”

2004 marked a change in direction working with more physical mediums.

“I was in a bit of a rut and signed up for a diploma of Fine Arts. I wanted a stronger foundation for my artistic skills. I actually have had a few showings of my work.

“I love the old fashioned printing methods using lino, plates and silk screens. The fumes might not have been so good but the results were amazing.

“I remember doing a series of photographs in black and white of the Springwood Railway Station that a few people bought some copies off of me.

“My specialty really was though my larger paintings and mixed media projects. One of my favorite works was this night time landscape looking across the mountains in the Blue Gum Swamp. It was a clear night with fog filling the bottom of the valleys and I was looking across them from the top of a hill in Winmalee.

“I had also produced a digital work series based on Frost’s Fire and Ice poem that was a good deal more abstract but also quite subtle.”

Since then there has been a good number of graphic design jobs both simple and challenging.

“There was a quick project that I remember doing in a day developing some marketing materials for a computer shop in Penrith. I was given the name, business details, their colour scheme and the print size. I actually went through three different designs before they were happy with it.

“Conversely I remember developing a logo for someone else. It was supposed to go on a coin but I had no idea how much detail could be translated to the final design. It took week to meet the demands only to show it to the client and have them ask if I could turn a snake head so that it was facing the viewer rather than to the right… That went far beyond simple graphic manipulation I had to re-draw the head completely almost by free-hand. It might not have been so bad except I had been in communication with the client the entire time and I had almost thought that it was the final version before the request…”

At present Harris is updating his skill set having completed a Certificate with TAFE in IT Programming and is working on a Diploma of IT General.

“At the moment I am working on two projects one where I am building a website for an environmentally aware organization and the second is redeveloping the IT enrollment system for the TAFE Blue Mountains IT Faculty.

The website consists of implementing a content management system that the client feels comfortable in being able to use.

The  enrollment system is attempting to use the existing Access Database and creating a new program using the .Net framework. There is current talk of building with remote access in mind”


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